Monday, March 28, 2011


Lately I've had gypsies on my mind,
which isn't totally out of the norm for me considering:

a) I'm a big Gogol Bordello fan (COACHELLA '11 WAHOO!!!)
b)I love me some longs skirts, big earrings and dark florals

But today I was feeling a little bit more in love with the mysterious free-spritited, wanderers of yesteryear
Some inspiration...

You can see why I couldn't help but get all Esmeralda-ed out and head for the road

Some daily outfit pictures...

Scarf: Mom's closet (possibly thrifted)
Skirt: Sister's old clothes
Shirt: hand knitted Vinatge (from Mars in Berkeley, CA)
Earrings: Vintage (see above)
Purse: Mom's old stuff
Hair Color: OH you noticed??? (Loreal hair color) My lovely sister dyed it for me :]

*notice the new earrings; 1/2 of the only goodies I came back with from the vintage expo last week.

they have a lot of versitility to them, surprisingly enough. Gypsy one day, Twiggy the next.

Click to find out what Bublitschki means!


Michelle V. said...

I love this look. It is so cute.

Richard James Arredondo said...

Lovely, lovely. Great earrings and scarf.