Thursday, January 19, 2012


 Another awesome photoshoot with Jemma Morris :]

Poprocks and Slumbers

Photographer: Self Timer and Jemma Morris

Modeling: Jemma Morris and I

(we ate too much junk food during this shoot)

What I Wore This Week

So if you can't tell from the repeated outfits, I really REALLY need to do laundry.
I also really REALLY need to blog more
so here's to catching up...

(This shirt ^ is a really old T-shirt of mine that is rad because of the rust colored instruments on the front, the perfect fit, not to mention the ridiculously comfortable fabric
I've never really worn it though, mainly because on the back it used to say


I'm sorry, American Eagle, but wtf does that even mean?
needless to say, I cut that shit up.

I made some earrings with ceiling stars! Super dope at night.

oh and I acquired this Velma-esque autumn skirt from the free bin in the Trailer Park.
(god i sound like such trash)

Friday, January 6, 2012

This One time I went to Reno...

My boyfriend and I went to his cabin in Tahoe for New Years Eve and we made a pit stop in Reno for lunch. Granted, Reno is ridiculous and flashy, but there was just something about the place that I actually really enjoyed...the signs. I was super weirdly inspired by the gaudy tacky brightly lit strip of casinos, pawn shops and motels and I felt like taking pictures of them to post on my style blog despite the fact that there's really no relation...

But perhaps maybe possibly stuff like this is kinda sorta a little bit where fashion inspiration comes from? Like a little bit?
eh whatever. At least I tried.

Here are some pictures. Hopefully you see in them what I do...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beauty School Dropout

As the year came to an end, It wasn't long before I was craving to hair.
You see, I've had the same long locks since I was five years old...I've never been too daring with hair since the longer length of my hair seemed to give me more options. It was time, however to make a significant change to my mane.

I gave my hairdresser two instructions, I want it cut and I want color.
and thus, my really fun, surprisingly easy and super freeing new locks...

and a preview of the shoot i did with Jemma...