Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pee Wee

This morning I felt oddly inspired by my Pee Wee Herman button that I made at Santa Cruz (There was literally a button-making machine and a bunch of magazines to cut pictures out of. It was a least for me.
I decided to do a very whimsical nerdy kind of look, in honor of the show. I wish I had a Pterri the Pterodactyl button. Or maybe Pterri underwear...doesn't that sound just silly enough?

Peter Pan collared white shirt and jean vest are both secondhand from my work (vintage store downtown)
Super high waisted shorts from my mom's closet (she must have been just as wacky when she was my age)
Black high top converse
homemade Chippy Necklace
and homemade smiley face and Pee Wee buttons!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fleas! Everywhere!

Every Saturday and Sunday morning, the local drive in movie theater (where my boyfriend, Jake and I are regulars) turns into a true grubby greasy flea market. I can't imagine anywhere else I'd rather be on a warm Sunday morning. It's literally the best...filled with trinkets, clothes, and collectibles of all kinds. I bought a few things this morning but this light blue cape is my favorite...

and the necklace is just my Chippy locket with a butterfly pin attached

Fashionably Derpin'

For those of you who love the Adult Swim show titled "Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!"

this post might be of interest to you...
if not, watch this and this
and in honor of "Chippy"
I went ahead and made myself a rad neklace

...aaaaand I had too much time to myself today and found a neat flashy scarf that I want to use as ears for a rainbow-galactic-animal costume of some sort.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Toys!

Today I was having a rough day but when I came home from work my mom asked if i wanted to do a little thrifting with her so we went to a secondhand store nearby and I found a few true jems.

first of all, considering my dad and I are about to hook up the ol' record player in my room, I'm on the hunt for good records and I found this collection of bullfighting music and a "Best of" type Ray Charles recors for 75 cents a piece, SOLD to the young lady in the high-waisted pants!
After that I snatched up an old slip that I've been wearing as a dress the last couple days. It's much classier than Courtney Love's version of this trend and is made up of more material than Madonna's underwear outfit (hint, the red/cream dress on the front of the rack in the picture below) I'll be wearing it soon.

The University of California Santa Cruz is a pretty eccentric school, but perhaps one of the strangest aspects of this university is that one of the most sought after housing options for non-freshmen students are on campus trailer parks.
Basically a tight-knit community of hipsters and hippies living in a mixture of RV's and trailers painted with murals and wild flowers growing everywhere.
And guess what, world, I'm actually living there next year (and probably for years to come as well) My trailer is bought and ready for me to pitter patter down to Santa Cruz to paint it and fix it up a bit. The trailer has just about everything including 2 full beds! The only issue it doesn't exactly have a closet...which is a huge difficulty especially with someone with the level of obsessive compulsive clothes-hoarding that I seem to have.

Luckily, shortly after filling my basket with clothes and records, my mom and I stumbled upon one of those rolling clothes racks that stylists use.

Something about this silly old clothes rack gives me a weird sense of power and inspiration. I feel like a stylist or costume designer or something. I've literally been playing dress up all day long! Oh the joys of no longer working full time M-F...