Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pee Wee

This morning I felt oddly inspired by my Pee Wee Herman button that I made at Santa Cruz (There was literally a button-making machine and a bunch of magazines to cut pictures out of. It was a least for me.
I decided to do a very whimsical nerdy kind of look, in honor of the show. I wish I had a Pterri the Pterodactyl button. Or maybe Pterri underwear...doesn't that sound just silly enough?

Peter Pan collared white shirt and jean vest are both secondhand from my work (vintage store downtown)
Super high waisted shorts from my mom's closet (she must have been just as wacky when she was my age)
Black high top converse
homemade Chippy Necklace
and homemade smiley face and Pee Wee buttons!

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