Monday, March 21, 2011

Vintage Fairytale

Yesterday I went to the Vintage Expo at the San Francisco Concourse
...and OF COURSE both of my cameras stopped working so I had to use my phone
(so I apologize for the quality)

These are just some highlights...

The first semi-transparent light blue dress was by far my favorite piece at the expo. It was just so delicate and fun.
There was one boothe with quite a large selection of really fun and vibrant vintage Lacoste pieces that I wanted to run away with.
The deep turquoise dress I actually tried on (only $25!) but it was a tad too big and it didnt look right on me. Even still, back bows are (almost) always to die for.

Aside from the one dress and some jewelry, most of the stuff at the Expo was pretty far out of a starving college student's price range, but I managed to come out with a couple sweet little finds (COMING SOON)

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