Thursday, April 14, 2011

So It's Almost Coachella...

My ticket arrived. Plane tickets purchased. Shuttle to airport on it's way. Hotel arranged.

Check out this cool kind-of-comic-book-wristwatch-esque high tech wristband.

Apparently you're not allowed within 1 mile radius of the event without it
click here if you were planning on sneaking in and want more info on this terrible news for you

And then came packing and outfit planning...
My approach for this was pretty simple, stripes and oranges. I was largely inspired by the project I'm doing in my intro to design class (more info on a later date) and so you'll see a nice orange-y peach-y light blue-y stripe-y combination of whimsical outfits and accessories
 These sunglasses are a new find ($10 at Urban)

The actual clothing itself is mostly thrifted (with the orange and black polka dot shirt as an exception since it was a christmas gift from Urban)

This little pouch satchel is super cool and was a 50 cent find at a local thrift store. Chill Bro. I'm all for getting rid of loose change. Not to mention it is a super cool fold out zipper filled unique satchel. Perfect for Coachella both in it's useful design and it's dessert-like stitching.

 And this Necklace is sort of an Ellen original, I guess, because I took some old broken jewelry and this gold feather from a shirt that I gave away long ago and used pliers to hook them all together. You like?
 And this is a decievingly large satchel from a chain secondhand store calle Crossroads (look up a location near you! Buy and Sell! really though. no one pays me to say this I'm just a fan of the place.) The bag itself looks like a small satchel but it works like a clown car in that you can fit just about anything in this bag. It's really quite amusing and perfect for long festival days.
(from left to right: Urban/Forever21/Forever21/Dollar Tree(I'm serious. check out a dollar store near you for some trendy sunglasses)
 and shoes. This was the hardest part as most of my shoes are falling apart right now and I'm sure I'll come back wearing thread and cardboard on my feet so kiss these nice kicks goodbye...
 and finally, hats. I may or may not bring the straw one. Probably not because someone stepped on it the other day and now it is falling apart straw by straw :[

And now all I have to do is sit and kill time until 6:00 for the shuttle to arrive to take my good friend Melody and I to the airport so we can finally depart for the greatest weekend of our lives.

. . .waiting. . .


I can't do this.

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