Saturday, April 30, 2011



So it's been a couple weeks since I posted last...
I'' attempt to catch you up on exactly why,
I arrived in beautiful Coachella Valley early afternoon and right away got in an argument with a friend
And then there was(nt) my boyfriend, who mysteriously disappeared all weekend. It's okay. I was hiding from him too. (we were nearing, and have since broken up)
After that I ended up feeling oddly independent, skipping my way through Coachella with monarch butterfly wings on my back and in an odd turn of events found myself crowd-surfing to the very front of the crowd during Crystal Castles performance
...and lost my purse in the process with my phone, money, ID (which I needed in order to fly back), and my shuttle pass back to the hotel
This pissed off my friend who then decided to dramatically strip me of my way back to Santa Cruz after Coachella as well as my place to stay for the weekend. After that she not only wasted her $400 dollar ticket and left the festival, but also took my luggage back with her(which meant I had no clothes, no toothbrush, no makeup...
and NONE of the outfits I blogged about having so carefully put together...

I'm a positive kind of gal

And this ticket wasn't easy to obtain
so what did I do?
I found myself some friends (new and old) who offered for me to stay with them in their campsite

With a little help from my friends, found myself a ride back to Santa Cruz (with a pit-stop to pick up my luggage)
and even with no posessions but the clothes (and monarch butterfly wings) on my back,
I still Coachella-ed

After the drama was over I had a wonderful time at Coachella. It all happened for a reason, so despite that drama I would have only changed one thing about the weekend,
not having an opportunity to take pictures with exception to the few I took on my phone before losing my purse (I didn't have my camera or phone)
BUT my friend Fish was nice enough to take some pictures with his disposables...


Overall my absolute favorite acts were Ratatat, Gogol Bordello, The Strokes and Arcade Fire. Crystal Castles was also great but I think I might only think that because I had such an adrenaline rush from crowd surfing. Sleigh Bells sucked (sorry) Jenny and Johnny was absolutely lovely as always, Cold war Kids, Oddfuture, A-track, Damien Marley, Animal Collective, the Black Keys, Cold War Kids and Yelle were all awesome too.

Overall a great experience. I will definitely go again when I happen to have the right money at the right time.

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