Sunday, August 5, 2012

More Flea Market Finds!

After a long day at the flea market with my boyfriend, I found myself coming home with something different than small bag instead of two trash bags full.

...and I must admit, It feels good.

I wouldn't call myself a hoarder (that's what they all say) because I usually filter through clothes with the following process,

1.     Sell old, unwanted clothes to Crossroads Trading Co., eBay, or other buyers
2.    Donate whatever you can't sell to goodwilll or local free bins
3.    Buy more thrift store/ flea market finds, and/or clearance items from nicer stores.
4.    Then, when you get sick of those clothes, repeat steps 1-3.
Often times I empty out almost the entirety of my closet to sell and buy an entirely new wardrobe from sale sections and bargain bins.

However today was different. Instead of replacing my entire closet with a bunch of cheap crap I'll barely wear...I splurged a little (as much as you can splurge at a flea market) but I'm glad! Because I got better quality and more desirable items that will actually stay in my closet long enough to make themselves feel at home.

I got my inspiration from this one particular stand at the flea market that's a bit more expensive than most of the other stands, but it also has cleaner, more organized, and hand selected vintage items. My boyfriend swears buy the seller because he bought a leather greaser jacket from him a few years back and he's been offering him special deals on his items ever since. Sure enough, the seller recognized us as returning customers and offered us a cheaper deal...which I then bartered down to an even cheaper deal. What can I say? I'm tough.

Firstly I got this beautiful suede western jacket that reminds me of a mixture of Kissin' Kate Barlow (from Holes) and Jenny Lewis on her really country days.

And the other find is this vintage Runaways T-shirt
how could I resist a shirt with athletic jersey sleeves and a picture of Joan Jett and Cherrie Currie on the front? So stoked.

Anyways, the lesson for the day is that sometimes it's better to splurge on better quality items.
On that cheesy note, I'll leave you with this song by the Runaways...

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