Friday, November 25, 2011

Hi, my name is Ellen and I've been neglecting my blog...

Alright alright so I admit, my lack of an audience has made me a bit uninspired in the blogging department (although you might be interested in my Tumblr which is updated on the daily)
however upon waking up this morning feeling groggy, lazy and ashamed of my lack of productivity as of late, I was inspired by a cute boy in my life to take action and throw myself in some sort of direction. For me, this means back into a world of beauty, inspiration, personal style and best of all, confidence.

So, I got out of bed, downed a cup of hazelnut coffee, made some phone calls and secured a photographer and a couple models for a shoot that's scheduled to take place Thursday afternoon. Expect to see some quirky pictures of some lovely ladies by the coming weekend!

For now, however, I know the few of you who do check Character Chic regularly and have been disappointed with the lack of reading material and/or eye candy, here are a few WIWT pictures that go months back that i failed to post on time. Hopefully they hold you over until the weekend!

p.s. apparently I need to switch up my mirror pose every now and then...

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