Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bang Bang

The pink in my hair faded and I was itching for a change so after watching the movie The Runaways and listening to my Parallel Lines on vinyl, I was greatly inspired by bangs...once again.

I've had bangs before and grew out of them...or rather grew them out, but I couldn't get this Blondie GIF out of my head so the first thing I did after getting home for winter break was get a cut and color and it feels so good

Granted they're a lot more work than I remember, but it's a nice change for now.

Happy Holidayzzz


Leah R. said...

i love bangs! they look awesome :) especially on joan jett x

pigeon said...

bangs are cool! YOU look cool ;>

[my weirdoland -]

Jessie said...

They look really cool,I don't think I'd suit bangs!

John Setrodipo said...

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That would be lovely.

love John Setrodipo

Adriana BM said...

You look so beautiful. Love the runaways.

Pure Reputation said...

Blondie is so cool! Forever!!