Monday, September 24, 2012

Mermaid Hair

I've gone pink again! And hopefully for longer this time since I got it professionally done. If you're in the bay area/northern cali and you like her style, send me a message and I'll give you her digits so you can go pink too! er...or so you can just get a trendy haircut/color

anywho. I dont have much to say about my pink locks besides that I'm having a lot of fun matching, contrasting, and color coordinating it with outfits.

heres a peek...

I've found that the colors that suit me best have changed. While pastels used to be my best friend (seeing as I'm fair skinned and they kind of work with the soft color) instead, darker and more saturated colors work really well such as most jewel tones.

Oh and...lots of pink.


Judith said...

Your hair is lovely!

ellen said...

Thank you! It faded quick tho...but I'm going to continue touching it up, It's worth the work


Nymfadora said...

I love ur pictures, especially the nature ones. I would have never found this blog if I hadnt been searching some alien stuff totally unrelated, LOL

Kimchi said...

I love the combination of your pink hair, sheer top, and astrology banner. They bounce off each other really well and make me feel really relaxed.

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